Final Cut

Joey Jessop #1 now available!

Every day on the set of a big-budget Hollywood feature film in production is full of surprises, but the last thing key costumer Joey Jessop expected to find on the first day of principal photography was the body of a fellow crew member.


About Marjorie

Feature film veteran Marjorie McCown uses her experience working on movies such as Forrest Gump, Hairspray, and X-Men Days of Future Past to tell a story that takes mystery readers behind the scenes of a Hollywood blockbuster film in production.

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“A million sharply observed details that give you a keen sense of what it’s like to work on a Hollywood production.”
Kirkus Reviews
“The story is a pop culture lover’s dream. I’m already lining up for the sequel.”
—Award-winning author Kellye Garrett
“Grab the popcorn and go behind the scenes in this star-studded murder mystery! [A] fascinating read.”
—Author Olivia Blacke
“A fascinating look at how movie magic is made, combined with a fun, fast-moving plot and plenty of red herrings.”
—Author M.E. Hilliard
“An intriguing mystery . . . Engaging from first page to last, this book shines with definite ‘star quality.’”
—Author Victoria Gilbert
“Perfect! Tight prose and deft plotting . . . deliver the debut of the year.”
—Author Zac Bissonnette