Final Cut

Joey Jessop #1

Amazon Editors’ Pick in the Best Mystery Thriller and Suspense Category

On the first day of principal photography for a big budget superhero movie, key costumer Joey Jessop discovers the body of a murdered co-worker at the Malibu location where the film company is shooting. Because she found the body and the victim was seeing Joey’s ex, she’s suspected of being the killer.

The story soon blows up in the press and social media. As a result, Joey finds her well-ordered life in shambles. To make matters worse, Marcus Pray, the famous bad boy producer/director of the movie, is a malignant narcissist and sexual predator, tolerated in the film industry because of the blockbuster hits he churns out. With Pray at helm, the movie crew encounters obstacles and accidents at every turn, creating a toxic (and potentially lethal) work environment. As circumstances spiral out of control, Joey is forced to take matters into her own hands to try to salvage her career and to save her own life.


“A million sharply observed details that give you a keen sense of what it’s like to work on a Hollywood production.”
Kirkus Reviews

“Anyone who loves to read all of the behind-the-scenes details about their favorite movie and television shows will adore the first book of this debut mystery series.”
—Cynthia Chow, Kings River Life Magazine (full review)

“Marjorie McCown’s Final Cut is both an insider’s look at what it’s like to work on Hollywood’s biggest blockbuster and a surprising, timely mystery about a murder on the set. Readers will love all the name dropping, the glamour, and the colorful cast of characters led by key costumer Joey Jessop. The story is a pop culture lover’s dream. I’m already lining up for the sequel.”
—Kellye Garrett, Agatha, Anthony and Lefty Award winning author of Like a Sister

“A must-read movie mystery packed with juicy details from a Hollywood insider, Final Cut gets my nomination for best debut.”
—Ellen Byron/Maria DiRico, Agatha and Lefty Award Winner, USA Today Bestseller
“Marjorie McCown has expertly crafted a nifty intense mystery with a fascinating insider glimpse into the hectic life behind the scenes on a film set.”
—Daniel Orlandi, award-winning costume designer of The Da Vinci Code
“This compellingly readable mystery set in the Hollywood costuming industry kept me turning the pages well into the night, both to find out whodunnit and to vacuum up every fascinating piece of insider information about the inner workings of the movie industry. Heartily recommend!”
—Barbara Ross, Author of the Maine Clambake Mysteries
“Grab the popcorn and go behind the scenes in this star-studded murder mystery! The unique glimpse of how blockbuster movie magic is made, combined with a timely examination of the epidemic of harassment in Hollywood, makes for a fascinating read.”
—Olivia Blacke, author of the Brooklyn Murder Mysteries
“Author McCown has spent over twenty-five years in Hollywood costume design and dishes the dirt on what really happens on a movie set. A fascinating look at how that movie magic is made, combined with a fun, fast-moving plot and plenty of red herrings.”
—M.E. Hilliard, author of the Greer Hogan Mystery series
“An intriguing mystery featuring a film shoot in Hollywood, Final Cut by Marjorie McCown offers well-developed characters, a cleverly designed plot, and an intelligent and interesting costumer protagonist. The author’s extensive experience in the film industry provides a fascinating look into this unique world, drawing the reader into every scene. Engaging from first page to last, this book shines with definite ‘star quality.’”
—Victoria Gilbert, author of the Blue Ridge Library series
“Perfect! Tight prose and deft plotting combine with Marjorie McCown’s insider knowledge from her career in movies to deliver the debut of the year. Joey Jessop is a heroine we’ll be cheering on for a long time to come!”
—Zac Bissonnette, author of A Killing in Costumes
“Overflowing with authentic details, the behind-the-scenes peek at Hollywood filmmaking will captivate readers as much as the crimes.”
—Misha Popp, author of Pies Before Guys Mystery series
“A sparkling debut. McCown’s years spent on movie sets absolutely shine—this feels like an insider look at what goes on behind the lens of Hollywood films. The tension—and the stakes—are expertly ratcheted up for smart key costumer Joey Jessop; this will leave readers anxiously awaiting her next star-studded adventure.”
—Erica Ruth Neubauer, Agatha Award-winning author of the Jane Wunderly Mystery series
“Smart, talented, and show-biz savvy, Joey Jessop is a Hollywood costumer with an eye for detail—and for clues—in this fast-paced and suspenseful debut. With a compelling cast of characters, a well-plotted puzzle, and fascinating industry insights, Final Cut is a guaranteed fit for movie and mystery lovers alike. I am already looking forward to Joey’s next adventure.”
—Ashley Weaver, author of the Electra McDonnell series